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segunda-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2015

E nós a pagar a neve em Atlanta!...

Creio que é da maior justiça saudar o nosso Ministro do Ambiente, Jorge Moreira da Silva, por ter conseguido, com a sua luta tenaz contra o aquecimento global, que tivesse nevado com fartura às portas de Atlanta, no Estado da Geórgia, EUA.
Assim, nessa cidade do Sul profundo imortalizada pelo filme " E tudo o vento levou", beneficia-se já das medidas do Ministro JMS a favor da fiscalidade verde e contra os sacos de plástico ... 
Mais um esforço dos contribuintes portugueses e ainda vamos ter neve no Catar, muito antes do Campeonato do Mundo de Futebol...
Com Jorge Moreira da Silva a ter direito ao pontapé de saída. Bem merecido!...
(texto inspirado numa mensagem recebida de um amigo)

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Rui Fonseca disse...

Estimado António,

Em alguns outros assuntos ainda arrisco dar uma para a caixa e
escrevi um relambório a propósito do teu apontamento anterior.
Em matéria de ambiente reconheço as minhas insuficiências diante das tuas convicções inabaláveis.

Pinho Cardão disse...

Caro Rui:
Como já tenho referido, nesta matéria sou agnóstico. Apenas acho piada quando a neve e o frio se aproximam ou invadem os trópicos...

sobrevive-se disse...

Atlanta, na verdade.


Pedro disse...

..dizem eles, lá para os States, em alguns estados... diz que são as temperaturas mais baixas algumas vez registadas. (Sim, desde que há registos)

Vem daqui...que nada como a realidade para acabar com os Mitos!

(e mais não digo, pra não ferir susceptibilidades...)

António Barreto disse...

Space and Science Research Corporation

P.O. Box 607841 * Orlando, FL 32860
(407) 985-3509 * www.spaceandscience.net

President Barack H. Obama

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

April 28, 2014

SUBJECT: Request to Prepare the USA for Dangerous Cold Climate.

DearMr.President, Good morning.

This letter is sent to you as a heartfelt request that you take immediate action to ensure that the United States of America is fully prepared for the historic, potentially dangerous, new cold climate that has begun.
This request is backed up by research over the past decades into the causes of climate change along with the real status of the Earth’s climate. Key findings of that research are provided here in a partial list of what is either widely accepted or can be easily validated:

1. The past period of global warming, a natural phenomenon produced primarily by the Sun, has ended. We have now had over seventeen years without any effective growth in global atmospheric temperatures in the troposphere. Ironically, this means that for the majority of the time the international community has been dealing with global warming, there wasn’t any! It is therefore important to accept that global warming has ended. There is no global warming!

2. The Earth is actually cooling and has been for years.The world’s oceans have been cooling for eleven years as has the atmosphere for most of that time. Of the twenty-four climate parameters monitored by the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) and recorded in its quarterly Global Climate Status Report (GCSR), eighteen of them show global cooling as the dominant trend. The remaining six are expected to convert to ‘cooling’ status within the next five years. Sea levels have already started to drop where some ocean areas are getting colder. The SSRC has predicted a global sea level reduction lasting thirty years to begin at any time between this year and the 2020’s. If these trends change, the SSRC will be the first to report it. However, based on actual global temperatures and the most reliable climate models, there is only one conclusion to be made about the Earth’s current climate status – a new cold climate has arrived!

António Barreto disse...


3. If this new cold epoch proceeds as past episodes (roughly 200 and 400 years ago), we should expect to see substantial global crop damage, social and political upheaval, and loss of life. These ill-effects are expected to start soon and last at least three decades. We have little time left to prepare. Respected Russian scientists have even gone so far as to say a new “Little Ice Age” will start this year! This means the advancing cold climate is a serious threat to our people!

4. The new cold climate is being brought to the Earth by a repeating 206 year cycle of the Sun. I independently discovered this cycle and announced it in 2007. Though many other researchers have discovered this cycle or predicted a coming cold climate, they have been ignored. The cold phase of this two-century-long cycle is produced by the Sun making dramatic reductions in the energy by which it warms the planet. This Sun-driven cold period is called a “solar hibernation,” by the SSRC. It is important to note that NASA, the US Air Force, and the National Solar Observatory have confirmed the on-going decline in solar activity. This has happened as I predicted. It is also necessary to know that this natural, repeating, and ominous change in the Sun is unstoppable!

5. Research related to these solar hibernations, also shows they occur concurrently with the most destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the latter of which can add dramatically to an already colder climate.

In addition, I believe African Americans, other minorities, and the poor will suffer the most because of the new cold era and your climate policies. This assertion is supported by the fact that a large percentage of these citizens are largely dependent on the US government for food, which we will start to run short of as the cold starts to damage crops. This means as a result of your climate policies, they may be both unprepared and unable to get food routinely during the worst years of the coming cold climate. Further, your climate policies include making energy costs “skyrocket” to quote you. These energy cost increases will hit minorities and the poor the most.

In summary, the lives of many Americans may be in jeopardy as a consequence of the arrival of the new cold climate, your continued support for the flawed, unreliable manmade global warming theory, and your lack of action to prepare the United States for the next climate change.

Regardless of your stated belief in “accelerating” global warming, (something that does not exist), as President of the United States, you still remain fully responsible and accountable for the welfare of our approximately 317 million citizens.

You therefore deserve to receive this genuine warning about the new cold climate if nothing else, for the record.


John L. Casey


Click Here to Download a PDF File of the Letter to President Obama


António Barreto disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Pinho Cardão disse...

Caro sobrevive-se:
Na verdade, Atlanta. Enfim, efeitos do aquecimento...neste caso, mental.
Muito obrigado. Já corrigido.

Henrique Pereira dos Santos disse...

O agnosticismo, na matéria, facilmente se resolve com um bocadinho de informação:

Pedro disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Pedro disse...

Eu até diria mais:

Tanto o "agnosticismo" como o "dogmatismo", seja nesta ou noutra matéria, facilmente se desmontam com um bocadinho de informação:

"By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Since October 1996 there has been no global warming at all (Fig. 1). This month’s RSS [1] temperature plot pushes up the period without any global warming from 18 years 2 months to 18 years 3 months. (...)"

EM : http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/01/03/the-great-pause-lengthens-again/

Margarida Corrêa de Aguiar disse...

Vai ver Dr. Pinho Cardão que vamos ter neve no Algarve!